My generosity is being stolen and I am responsible

“My generosity is being stolen” is a quote from my pastor’s talk on Sunday.  The “I am responsible” part is me trying to figure out how to get to that generous spot where I can be more generous.  There is such a huge need in the world and I feel I never am able to […]

Mindless Muddlings

Very random thoughts going through my head this morning. On a high note we were able to watch Mya play softball last night.  The weather is so beautiful in the evenings and mornings right now.   My husband fixed a picnic dinner and we ate in the park, enjoying the weather.  Halle, who says she is […]

Can a Passion Be a Gift?

 When something you love takes up so much of your time is that a good thing?  I was pondering this a long time ago while in a therapy session.I was sharing how guilty I sometimes felt that I was spending all my free time quilting.  I’d do it 24/7 if it paid my health insurance.  […]

Has It Been 11 Years?

Most everyone has their 9-11 story.  Ours is pretty boring.  We had moved here in March of 2001.  I had started a new job in property management.  Something entirely new to me but I was excited to learn something new.  Our first grandchild was due the end of September.  We loved being here and everything that […]