Color My World

a href=””> Oh, how I would love to just immerse myself in these colors somehow. I’ve lived with white walls for so long. Many apartments that one just doesn’t paint and now our home that is still a work in progress. I look at these color swatches and want to just wrap myself up in […]

I Knew Her When

How far Toni Eckert has come from her quilt shop in her garage to this lovely shop. It has to have been at least 16 years ago when I met Toni, who at the time was a full-time mail carrier. I don’t remember who I went with but rumor had it there was a quilt […]


This New Year’s I’ve reflected upon many things, more-so than I have previously. I am facing a rather LARGE birthday this year and I have to admit it scares me. I didn’t have a problem with other milestone birthdays but this one is just looming over me like a black cloud. Not that I can […]

I want to be Jessica Fletcher’s Neighbor

The ideal life I imagine would be living in Cabot Cove as Jessica Fletcher’s next door neighbor or even better, housemate.  We would ride bikes together and I would quilt as she wrote her mysteries.  We have so much in commom we would have to be friends.  She loves chocolate, so do I.  The darker […]