Paying it Forward – I’m in

“I’m in” is how I responded to the below Facebook post the beginning of this year.  It seems to be a positive way to start out the new year.  Doing something nice for someone else.  I got my five responses fairly quickly.  Two of them are local.  Two from out of town and one from out […]

Bitter Sweet

It’s spring in Arizona. It is such a beautiful time of year. Everything is starting to grow, turn green, and flower.  The orange blossoms are so fragrant.  There is such promise seeing the buds open up and watching the hummingbirds and bees just swarm all over them.  Pansies are such a happy flower.  They make […]

Ode to Jean and Joan and Who Knows Who

“When I come home, baby My house is dark and my pots are cold You’re hanging round, baby With Jean and Joan and a who knows who I’m getting tired of waiting and fooling around I’ll find somebody, who won’t make me feel like a clown This can’t go on, Lord knows you got to […]


This New Year’s I’ve reflected upon many things, more-so than I have previously. I am facing a rather LARGE birthday this year and I have to admit it scares me. I didn’t have a problem with other milestone birthdays but this one is just looming over me like a black cloud. Not that I can […]

Mindless Muddlings

Very random thoughts going through my head this morning. On a high note we were able to watch Mya play softball last night.  The weather is so beautiful in the evenings and mornings right now.   My husband fixed a picnic dinner and we ate in the park, enjoying the weather.  Halle, who says she is […]

My Last Bragging Rite

I just had my teeth cleaned and checked yesterday and I can honestly say I have no cavities.  In fact, I’ve NEVER had a cavity!!  This is the last physical thing I can claim with perfection.  It has to be from really good genes as it can’t be that I never eat anything bad for […]