Nothing better than “all the colors of a rainbow” to give a sense of peace.

Art by Betina Johnson

rainbow copyGood Day Everyone.  This photo, taken from my deck one evening about a month ago.  I wasn’t sure the rainbow would be visible as it was getting darker and darker as the storm developed.  I’ve added a favorite quote.

Thanks for visiting my blog…enjoy your day and find harmony and joy in it!

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No Sweat!!

Once more I find myself back in a gym environment. Frankly I don't know why I keep leaving. It only seems to make sense to me to go when the logistics of my getting there are the most complicated. I can't do anything simple. My community is building a new fitness center but it won't be completed until spring. In the meantime, it has come to my attention that my bones are thinning and I need to do something to prevent further bone loss. I come to work everyday where a fitness center is within walking distance. I just needed to clear my getting there with my carpool mates since there will be a detour to drop me off. I get to work really early and decided I need to better use my time.

So tomorrow I will be quite sore. I can feel it already but it's a good hurt, right?

Nothing is simple for me, however. I needed a new gym bag and the thought process to packing said bag took most of Sunday. gym bag Here is my new bag. This one is all mine and I loved using it today. Besides it’s great advertising. No one is going to notice me at that gym but they can’t miss noticing my bag. I’m a walking billboard for Pardon My Bag! This is mainly denim from some old jeans and covered buttons from the green polka dot fabric. Another “Whistlepig Creek”>Whistlepig Creek design, the Boho Bag.

gymbag back
Here’s a rear view as well.

Happy working out everyone.

Until next time…

Monday Musings and Motivations — Part Forty-Five — Endings/Beginnings

Wishing you well as you get settled.

Brigitte's Banter

I sit here on a small patio writing with the constant noise of traffic below.  I’m in a much smaller place than I was three months ago as I prepare to make a move.  By the time the dust settles, we will have moved four times in less than four months.

This one involves leaving behind the place where many vagabond shoes have come to.  Instead mine will be leaving here, New York, New York!!

The ending of this part of my life signifies a beginning of what my life will be.  When I arrive at that other place.  As I reflect back on the past year, I know that soon my life will thankfully (hopefully?) settle down, but not quite yet.

So, I’ve had to step back and gather some strength, make some sense of all these stressors that have taken hold of me for a long time now. …

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I laid my burden down

Do you ever become so anxious about something that you don’t think you can get through it? I was that way this past week. When I find myself in this state I usually pray harder and listen to more Christian music. I was searching for some CDs I hadn’t heard in awhile and I came across a Women of Faith CD from a Women of Faith conference. Every song on there, as I sat listening, had something to say directly to me. I love how God works in this way. I can be so distraught over something and He comes along and simply says, “I have walked on water so I think I can take care of what is bothering you. Just lay it down and let Me carry you”. The relief these words gave me is beyond explanation. I just know I went through my trial and felt His presence. He carried me.

Sustainable bag

Meet Katie, my weekend project. My awesome grad students brought me many pairs of jeans at my request. This is my sustainable contribution keeping these used jeans out of the landfill. Katie is a Boho bag from Whistlepig Creek designs. I can’t say it enough, “I love their patterns”! This is a smaller of the 2 sizes and was really fun to put together. I hope that Katie finds a good home as she is available on Pardon My Bag.

Jean pocket

Jean pocket

I love how the back pocket from this pair of jeans just fits on this bag.

I leave you with “I Will Carry You” by Amy Grant.

Have a great week. Until next time…



Gone Too Soon

Linda's hearts

Last fall I showed this quilt that I had made for my co-worker/supervisor. When I gave it to her she said she was taking it to her chemo treatments as it was so cold in there. It was my sincere hope that she would continue to get better.

Linda did come back to work briefly this spring. We were able to have lunch with her as a department and even though she was only working part-time it became too much of a burden for her body. She wasn’t able to continue working. We continued to take her meals and pray for her recovery.

I came to work last Monday to learn that Linda had died the previous night. She was only 54. I attended her funeral this past Tuesday and learned what a phenomenal person she was outside the office. I wasn’t fortunate enough to know her on a personal level. I only had a working relationship with her. I left her service having just a glimpse of how amazing she was. She was a woman of great faith and compassion. My heart hurts but this too shall pass.

I pray that her quilt will continue to keep others warm and comforted.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWYn2k4IaPY&feature=player_embedded “Testify to Love” was a song that was played during a video slide show of Linda’s life. This song is one that has been on my list of songs I want played at my service when the time comes. It’s the first time I’ve heard it played at a memorial service and feel it is simply perfect.

Until next time…