About Me

Debra has lived in Arizona for 11 years.  She has loved making things since she was young.  Her mother taught her to sew.  The last thing her mother taught her before she died was to weave on a small hand-held loom.  Together they learned to make woven dishcloths.  When she misses her mom she pulls out the loom and gets busy.  Recently she’s woven nine dish cloths.  Feeling mom’s presence. 

Debra had her first publication of her “furlough” bag in Green Craft Magazine, autumn 2012 issue.  How much fun it was to do a photo shoot in Barnes and Noble with the magazine display.  Her website, Pardon My Bag, was established early spring of 2012.  Sheila Naegele gets all the credit for designing it.   She’s devoted so much time to Debra’s site that Debra is now hoping all these bags start selling for Shiela’s sake if not just for her own.

Debra’s roots lie in Montana where she was raised but Arizona is growing on her.  For the past 10 years she has managed the Clinical Psychology Center for graduate students at ASU.  So very grateful for this job.

Hobbies:  Quilting, reading, gardening, any other craft that pops up she gives a try, and walking.  She recently completed a walking competition that required 10,000 steps per day for six months.  She completed this walking 2,518,933 steps or 1008 miles.  Went through two pairs of shoes and never missed a day.

She lives with her husband and sweet dog Melli.                                        She has six grandchildren that are her heart and soul.

THE “Furlough” Bag

I’m published in here!

One thought on “About Me

  1. Debra…love the furlough bag. Congrats on the publication, that is so wonderful! Hope we can connect in the near future!

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