My generosity is being stolen and I am responsible

“My generosity is being stolen” is a quote from my pastor’s talk on Sunday.  The “I am responsible” part is me trying to figure out how to get to that generous spot where I can be more generous.  There is such a huge need in the world and I feel I never am able to give financially.

I make quilts.  I love quilts.  I love to make quilts to give away.

kissing fish2  pink log cabin2  I was so excited to find a site entitled; Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS.  One of my goals for 2015 is to use all or at least much of my “stash” fabric to make charity quilts.  These two are the first I sent to the ALS foundation.  My grandmother died from this disease when she was 63. These were given to 2 victims of ALS and it is my sincere hope they provide some comfort.  There is much fabric left for me to assemble so I’m hoping many more quilts can be sent to Hopes & Dreams.

IMG_2950   Just a peek at how our garden is showing such promise!

Until next time

Happy weekend..


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