The colorful quilt on this “big girl” bed was made by me for a little girl prior to her birth. My daughter helped me pick out the colors as the mother of this little girl is not a “pink or blue” person. This little girl also has a twin brother. He, too, got a quilt. What I’m getting at is this mom wrote the most special words to me with the picture. She wanted me to see the quilt on the bed and know just how much they love it. There rarely is a better way to thank me than to show me my work in action.

I make things because I love to do “sew”. I’m not sure how many quilts I’ve made since I started, back in 1991, but there are many. I keep a journal of them to remind me sometimes what I have done or to inspire me to make another. Getting pictures of babies on the baby quilts I make them really makes me feel so gratified.

This year for Christmas I decided to make backpacks for 3 of my grandchildren and a great niece. I have to say they were a hit. Sadie backpack This is Sadie, my great niece, with her backpack all ready for pre-school. The twins use theirs all the time. Jackson carries his cars in his robot backpack. Olivia’s has ballerina fairy fabric and this goes with her to her ballet classes. Halle’s is bright butterflies and if we can get her to stand still for a moment I hope to get her picture with hers.
I have to credit Whistlepig Creek for this great pattern and I really had fun putting them together. They are somewhat of a spin-off of the Pardon My Bag handbags. I’ve taken a small hiatus from handbag creating. I have one wall-hanging commissioned and two larger quilts to do so I’m certainly not bored!  I’m waiting for handbag inspiration so until that occurs I will be quilting up a storm. In the meantime I will continue to feel so much gratification each time I get a picture that I can add to my journals.

Until next time…

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