Words To Live By?


Do you ever wonder why life throws us so many curves? I was complaining to a doctor one time that I seem to get all the genetic issues of my ancestors and my siblings don’t. He told me perhaps I was the stronger one to handle them. I’ve never forgotten that. This poster rings very true for me.


I love this one. It puts so much into perspective for me. Being the annoying perfectionist that I am I sometimes have to stop and think about the reality of what it is I’m trying to accomplish. Perhaps many of those things are similar to a fish climbing a tree. They just can’t be done. At least I can’t do them and that should be ok.

I love all the sayings I’m finding on Pinterest. Some of them can be very thought-provoking. Some of them are simply “In Your Face” and they make me smile.                                                           TerriPardon My Bag has recently received some new (old) remnants and I’m excitedly cutting out some new bags.  They will be available to view one at time but soon.  This bag is a custom order and a pattern I haven’t done before.  It is made from some lovely brocade with a suede pocket and handle loops.  It has a designated inside pocket for an IPad.  It will be going to a new home very soon.

dreamerGotta love this saying and I do love the song.  It brings back so many memories.

No matter what your lot in life stay positive and seek out the best of everything.  At least I’m trying to.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Words To Live By?

  1. That Albert Einstein quote is absolutely awesome! Love it and love the bag. Will look forward to seeing some of your new bags soon. Happy creating! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words. I love the Einstein quote as well. I think most of us are given this kind of message when we’re young and struggle for years trying to make sense of things. By the way, I love your new note cards…

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