Color My World

a href=””>lovely colors

Oh, how I would love to just immerse myself in these colors somehow. I’ve lived with white walls for so long. Many apartments that one just doesn’t paint and now our home that is still a work in progress. I look at these color swatches and want to just wrap myself up in them. The effect they have on my eyes when I see them is so soothing. You should see my Pinterest “colors and design” board. There are 376 pins of beautiful colors and textures. I simply can’t get enough color. Quilting provides some satisfaction color-wise as do Pardon My Bag creations. Pardon My Bags are full of color but to be able open a door full of these color palettes and get lost in them takes my breath away. color<

Wasn’t the beginning of “The Wonderful World of Disney” made so colorful by Tinkerbell waving her wand and causing all kinds of color to appear? Talk about nostalgia. Wow, I know I’m dating myself but check it out. Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Color My World

  1. Beautiful words for some beautiful colors. I love Tinkerbell…thanks for reminding me of some wonderful memories!

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