No Sweat!!

Once more I find myself back in a gym environment. Frankly I don't know why I keep leaving. It only seems to make sense to me to go when the logistics of my getting there are the most complicated. I can't do anything simple. My community is building a new fitness center but it won't be completed until spring. In the meantime, it has come to my attention that my bones are thinning and I need to do something to prevent further bone loss. I come to work everyday where a fitness center is within walking distance. I just needed to clear my getting there with my carpool mates since there will be a detour to drop me off. I get to work really early and decided I need to better use my time.

So tomorrow I will be quite sore. I can feel it already but it's a good hurt, right?

Nothing is simple for me, however. I needed a new gym bag and the thought process to packing said bag took most of Sunday. gym bag Here is my new bag. This one is all mine and I loved using it today. Besides it’s great advertising. No one is going to notice me at that gym but they can’t miss noticing my bag. I’m a walking billboard for Pardon My Bag! This is mainly denim from some old jeans and covered buttons from the green polka dot fabric. Another “Whistlepig Creek”>Whistlepig Creek design, the Boho Bag.

gymbag back
Here’s a rear view as well.

Happy working out everyone.

Until next time…

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