Gone Too Soon

Linda's hearts

Last fall I showed this quilt that I had made for my co-worker/supervisor. When I gave it to her she said she was taking it to her chemo treatments as it was so cold in there. It was my sincere hope that she would continue to get better.

Linda did come back to work briefly this spring. We were able to have lunch with her as a department and even though she was only working part-time it became too much of a burden for her body. She wasn’t able to continue working. We continued to take her meals and pray for her recovery.

I came to work last Monday to learn that Linda had died the previous night. She was only 54. I attended her funeral this past Tuesday and learned what a phenomenal person she was outside the office. I wasn’t fortunate enough to know her on a personal level. I only had a working relationship with her. I left her service having just a glimpse of how amazing she was. She was a woman of great faith and compassion. My heart hurts but this too shall pass.

I pray that her quilt will continue to keep others warm and comforted.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWYn2k4IaPY&feature=player_embedded “Testify to Love” was a song that was played during a video slide show of Linda’s life. This song is one that has been on my list of songs I want played at my service when the time comes. It’s the first time I’ve heard it played at a memorial service and feel it is simply perfect.

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Gone Too Soon

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  2. The quilt is beautiful and gave such comfort to Linda during a time when she needed…you reached out to her in such a significant way and touched her life. What a blessing you were in her time of need. One never knows how we touch others. Thank you for sharing this as it touched my heart today. ❤

    • Thank you so much. I make quilts as they are a passion of mine. It’s a legacy I hope I am leaving to others. Linda loved pink and hearts are so loving. The backing was all in pink flannel. Truly appreciate your kind words. Debra


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