In Search of Success

On it's way to Indiana

On it’s way to Indiana

I’ve spent the last several days taking pictures of agreeable women willing to have their pictures taken with my handbags.  These generous with their time women are so awesome.  They make me feel really proud of each handbag they are modeling.  It is my hope that these pictures will help to show just how these handbags fit an actual person.    I bribed volunteering graduate students and paid them with praise, adoration at what they were doing for me, and of course, cookies!  They are the best!  A special thank you to the University Club on campus allowing us to use their space very early on a Friday morning.

My dear friends Jean, and Joan, and Who Knows Who, (aka Beth) also spent some outdoor time with me at a local golf course having their pictures taken.  We had a delightful breakfast inside that morning with our favorite waiter, Ron.   We then proceeded outside before the temperatures rose past 100 degrees to take some photos.  model Jean

We also gave Joan her birthday present.   Needless to say she was very surprised since her birthday isn’t until the end of July.  We decided she should have it now as we can never all get together at the same time and even with all the planning one of us wasn’t able to be there.

Rainbow Sherbet

                                                              Rainbow Sherbet

Joan's quilt 2

I’m checking off my “To Do” list regarding getting my company going.  Better pictures will be on the website soon.  I’ve been busy creating lots of wallets from upholstery remnants.  I actually sold one to a woman I just met on Saturday morning.  She was a great sport to participate in our picture taking and she bought a blue wallet from me and will be taking it home to Indiana along with my business card and showing it to all her friends.

It was a nice weekend with lots of projects completed or near completion.  We are all bracing ourselves for 115 degree temps toward the end of this week.  Our power bill is showing that we’ve had our AC on.  Lucky for us we never need the furnace on in the winter.

Until next time…

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