I want a “Do Over”



Daffodils bring such hope of spring. They are fragrant and appear to be so happy. These are from my boss for Admin Appreciation Day. Knowing these are my favorite flowers he bought them as bulbs so I can plant them once these blossoms die and enjoy them again when they bloom. They can start over.

We don’t get “do overs” in life although I know each and every one of us wish we could once in awhile. Life sometimes reminds me of those projects I have that I’ve made mistakes on and they are just sitting in a pile waiting for me to address and “fix” them. Once-in-awhile I get the urge to sit down and repair them one at a time until they are perfect. Since our lives aren’t perfect, (if yours is we need to talk), things sometimes have to be ripped apart. The mending part can take a long time. This is a painful process but it can also be cathartic. It also lets me know who my true friends are. I have a huge support team whom I love, each and every one of them. That low lying cloud is no longer weighing on me. A sense of calm comes over me as I address an issue and start to fix my part of it. It can also be a great diet although I don’t recommend it. Just taking one day at a time is all I can do and remember I am the only one I can control. My therapist would be so proud!

Pardon My Bag is going to undergo a mini overhaul. Thanks to my nephew, who works at Vanity Fair, and his expert advertising advice we have some new ideas that I am beginning to put to work to see if we can’t get more exposure. I’m very excited at the prospects.



This is Beth, a blue velvet messenger bag with bright red accents. My dear friend Beth, aka Who Knows Who, is the recipient of this bag. She has a very generous benefactor that wanted me to make something for her. Thus Beth was created. The Curvy Bag pattern from my favorite company, Whistlepig Creek, is where this came from.



Sidney is a free pattern I discovered online. This is the second one of this design I’ve done. The first is for a graduation gift and I will post that picture shortly. Sidney will be on Pardon My Bag soon. I love the different textures this pattern allows. A kind of shabby chic appeal.

Mya sewingMya had her first sewing lesson this weekend.  The White machine she is learning on was the first sewing machine I bought for myself in 1975.  She is an eager student and has a real knack for wanting to design.  She may be teaching me at some point.  I loved spending the day with her.


Feel the love

Feel the love

Papa and Halle had a fun evening while we watched Mya play softball last week.  Halle loves to call him “Mister”.  “See you later Mister”.

I am excited to go to Seattle soon. I will have lots of pictures of the twins to share upon my return.
Until next time…


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