2 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet

  1. We are truly sorry for your loss dear Debra, dear Dan
    We understand that Melli was more than a friend
    But know that she’s in peace, reposed in a faraway land
    Where she can now dance happily as much as she can!

    Your joys are our joys; and even more so… your pain is ours
    Life …it is the bitter, the sweet, the storms & the flowers
    Hopefully our friendship makes everything a li’l lighter to bear
    We’re with you all the way, with many more memories to share.

    We are all blessed with family, friends & children’s laughter
    Faith that makes up for the emptiness in between, the hours of “silence after”
    Thank you for sharing your heart on this understandably sad day
    And though like Melli, as you know~ we too will all get there someday…

    Be assured that unlike the “silence after” we will actually be altogether
    To share endless joy in His banquet, in His immense love, forever… ❤ ❤ ❤
    From the heart, this is Jeff…your occasionally discombobulated friend
    Whom you have generously allowed into your life, I’m so grateful to no end.

    • Dear Who Knows Who,

      Thank you for your words of wisdom. I am so grateful for your friendship as well. At times I don’t know where I would be without my bus sisters. Thank you for allowing me to lean on you. It means more than I can say

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