“Happy Trails.”

Thanks so much for the bag! I got it, and it's beautiful. :-) It's taking its first ride!

Thanks so much for the bag! I got it, and it’s beautiful. 🙂
It’s taking its first ride!

“Thanks so much for the bag! I got it, and it’s beautiful. 🙂
It’s taking its first ride!”

These are Angela’s words after her brother delivered this bag to her this past week.  My dear friend Beth, Angela’s mother and AKA  Who Knows Who, gave her this bag that I made.  Her words mean so much to me.

Angela lives in Ohio so Pardon My Bag is getting countrywide exposure.  She now has my business cards to share with all in Ohio that show interest.  Being that the bag is red, it is the perfect Valentine’s Day handbag.

I’m always thrilled when one of my bags goes to a new home.  Firstly,  I always wonder when I’m putting the bags together just who will be using each one and secondly, I’m very happy to get one out of my closet/storage area.  I think that is why I name these bags as well.  They remind me of someone or something.  Angela’s bag’s name is Addy.  I’m partial to my grandchildren and Addy is grandchild number three.

Speaking of storage areas; here is the literal carload of fabric I recieved from Paula Abbey, Abbey’s Windows and More.  Paula was kind enough to give me all the leftovers from a workroom she uses.  It took several trips from the car to my living room to get all this inside.  There are some lovely fabrics in this stash.  I discovered beautiful linens that I could not let rest.  I put this one together on Sunday.

boatload                    001

Another fabulous pattern of Whistlepig Creek.

I have two more bags cut out and ready to go.  I just need to find the time.  Working full time really puts a crimp in my creativity but I need the salary to pay for supplies and I’m fortunate enough to have a job that I love.  And, I need to get all this stuff organized and not taking up every room in my house.  I’ll be happily creating new bags for some time come with all this!

I wish many happy trails to Angela and her “Addy”.  I hope there are stories they can share.

Until next time…

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