Ode to Jean and Joan and Who Knows Who

music notes
“When I come home, baby
My house is dark and my pots are cold
You’re hanging round, baby
With Jean and Joan and a who knows who
I’m getting tired of waiting and fooling around
I’ll find somebody, who won’t make me feel like a clown
This can’t go on,
Lord knows you got to change”
music notes

Santana’s Evil Ways lyrics. A couple of years ago I heard this song on the radio and I had to laugh as my very close friends are Jean and Joan and Beth. So now, poor Beth is known as “Who Knows Who”. She takes this very well as Beth is one who can dish it out without skipping a beat.

I had breakfast with Jean and Joan and Who Knows Who this past Saturday. None of us ever have time to get together so when we get the opportunity we take it. We met for breakfast at one of the golf courses where we live. The dining room was empty for a while. The food was great. The waiter, Ron, was entertaining and attentive. We laughed and shared and cried a bit. Even though these women are not life-long friends, they are dear women that are caring, giving, and there if I need something.

I actually met these three women while riding the bus, commuting to work. You can get to know a lot about a person when you spend two hours a day, 4 days a week with them. We talked about our days, our lives at home, current events. We shared books we were reading. When the City Council got rid of our bus we had to start carpooling. Jean no longer needs a ride. She has moved closer to where we work. So Joan, Who Knows Who, and I take turns weekly driving into town. We had a fourth person, Karen, who drove with us but she also has moved closer to our jobs so it is the three of us. We truly try to be flexible when someone is ill, a son comes home from the service to visit, vacations, all the things that come up in daily life. So, my driving schedule is never set in stone. But we get along, try to accomodate and not make it difficult for any of us.

As I was driving home after breakfast on Saturday I had the biggest smile on my face. These three women mean so much to me. It totally makes my day, sometimes my week, just spending time with them. I don’t think I ever had this kind of relationship with other women over the years. I’ve always felt like the odd-woman out in relationships. There’s never been this kind of a connection. That safe feeling, no matter what is going on, that I will be left out or that I would turn my back on any of them. It’s rather late in life to make lasting friends for me and I am so grateful they have come into my life.

We plan to meet again next month. We have formed a birthday club as myself, Karen, and Who Knows Who, all have birthdays in the same week. If all goes well we are meeting in the same place, hope to have the same waiter, and just laugh until we cry.

These beautiful women are also very supportive of Pardon My Bag. They all carry my business cards and hand them out. Someone asked Joan, just this past Saturday, where she got her purse. She proudly showed her the bag, inside and out, handed her a card and directed her to me so she could meet me, the purse designer. This is what good friends do.

Pardon My Bag is having a Valentines Sale. Be sure to check it out and see what bag you can find with red in it and save 30%.
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Until next time…

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