How is it the holidays are here already?

 Ok, it seems literally like yesterday we were sweltering in 100+ degree heat with high humidity.  Our weather seems to go from 100+ degrees down to 42 degrees overnight and with that comes the holidays.  I am actually wearing leggings today to keep from freezing walking from the car to my office.  It is so exciting to have to wear a sweater!  Our favorite flannel quilt is now back on the bed so we can dream of sugar plums and all that stuff.

I’m in denial that Thanksgiving is next week.  I’m in even in more denial that Christmas is six weeks away.  My mind goes into overload with attending Christmas parties that start on Dec. 1st to planning our annual hot chocolate party to decorating and baking and shopping and trying to complete Pardon My Bag orders.  How does one fit all of that in with a full time job and all the other “just getting through the day” stuff?  I’m not wonder woman but I do think I try to be this time of the year.     It is exhausting so why do I try so hard?  Aidan, Mya, Addy and Halle.  THat’s why.  I want their Christmas at our house to be as special as possible.  Last year we had the pleasure of Olivia and Jackson’s company as well.  They aren’t able to join us this year.  As the rest come up the street to our house I want them to see the lights outside and hear the Christmas music.  I want the memories of their childhood Christmas’es at Papa and Grandma’s house to be so warm and loving and inviting.   There are the special cookies I love to make and my favorite decorations I put out.  I don’t grumble about any of this until it is time to put it all away.  Didn’t I just do that?  Put all the Christmas stuff away including the corn lights I am required to hang every year in my office.  Hanging these is job security for me.  A small price to pay. 

Pardon My Bag is having a Christmas appreciation sale. 50% off all handbags.  THis is our way of thanking all our customers from this past year.  I’m hoping to make some room for some new handbags in lots of fun fabrics.  Today I received two new patterns from Whistlepig Creek and I am so excited to get going on them.  In the meantime I am mass producing Tooth Fairy Envelopes for a school craft fair.  I have 12 cut out and have a few weeks to get them put together.  I also finished five new Furlough Bags out of cotton for this sale.  They are the perfect bag for lunches.   THey are all really bright and cheery.  These bags are a hit at my daughter’s school, Broadmor Elementary.

I better be signing off now.  Be sure to check out for doing your Christmas shopping for all your favorite people.

another fun Furlough Bag

Until next time.

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