The Awesome Dolphin Cats

The Awesome Dolphin Cats

When 2nd grade girls get together to decide on a team name for their softball team there has to be many ideas shared.  How my granddaughter, Mya, and her teammates came up with The Awesome Dolphin Cats is beyond me and I love it!  These are their souvenir t-shirts but they wear the t-shirts provided by the Parks and Recreation when they play their games.

     Mya is #10.  She seems to have some baseball genes she may have gotten from her dad, her great grandpa Rich, and her uncle Joel.  But while she was playing 1st base her coach told her to get ready.  She told him, “I was born ready”,  and then the ball comes to her and she is too busy getting her tons of hair out of her eyes to catch it:)  After all she is a 7 year old girl.

What I’ve loved about her softball season is that I can attend her Wednesday night games.  She plays very close to where I work.  I also get the pleasure of my husband’s company as we either go to dinner or he packs a picnic and we find a nice place to eat.  Last night we chose Tempe Town Lake.    It was so lovely to sit and watch the fishing going on, boats gliding by, bikes passing and joggers jogging with and without strollers.  A very family friendly environment.  Nights like this make me miss the urban life style we could have if we hadn’t moved to the suburbs.  Dinner consisted of homemade Irish pasties which were delicious.  Once dinner was consumed it was on to the softball game.

One joy of being grandparents is to bring m&m’s to these grandchildren.  We can do this as we do not have to take them home with us in their sugar-induced states.

Case in point is our Miss Halle Boo.  This blonde, blue eyed, Flopsy headed 4 year old doesn’t need any suger.  She goes all day long, well into the night as if she were the energizer bunny.      But she loves m&m’s and we love her.  So….  I know she sleeps very well at night and I’m sure her mother does too.

The Awesome Dolphin Cats season has come to a close.  The girls really seemed to learn at least the basics of the game.  I just hope they will carry on their awesome name for next season and many seasons to come.

Until next time…

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