Where is Superman? Or Batman? or Mighty Mouse? Anyone?

  What in the world is going on lately?  My senses have been so assaulted by the headlines the past couple weeks.  Two young girls have been ripped from their families and just tossed away like some kind of trash.  Another young woman was abducted and killed and today I read that a 20 yr old black woman was set on fire by the KKK.  WTF people????!!!  I rarely swear and rarely still outloud but what’s happening here?  Where are the consciences of these assailants?  What happened to them that they would so callously kill or hurt innocents?  I will never understand how one person can so viciously attack another.    Webster defines Conscience as: ” The sense of right and wrong that governs somebody’s thoughts and actions, urging him or her to do right rather than wrong”.  “Let your conscience be your guide”.  “Obedience to conscience:  behavior according to what your sense of right and wrong tells you is right”.  It’s obvious these assailiants don’t listen to their conscience.      Or perhaps just didn’t ever have one.

There is no superhero that can fix what is wrong out there.

I’m a praying woman.  I now pray for the families of these victims and for the woman who was burned.  I can’t imagine the long road of healing they are facing.  I pray that those who hurt these women are all brought to justice.   I’m sure there are still more headlines coming that will just make me shake my head and wonder if there is any innocence left to be found out there.  If there is, how can we make that mutiply and rid our world of all this evil?  These are dark days indeed.

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