Mindless Muddlings

Very random thoughts going through my head this morning.

On a high note we were able to watch Mya play softball last night.  The weather is so beautiful in the evenings and mornings right now.   My husband fixed a picnic dinner and we ate in the park, enjoying the weather.  Halle, who says she is going to be Tinkerbella for halloween, just loved on her papa all evening.  Tinkerbella?  I can’t wait to see this costume.+ A.      

Another high note is my discovering Craft Show Case on LinkedIn.  A virtual craft show, somewhat like Etsy but without the millions of people on it, yet.  I have posted some of my work on there this week.  Its another avenue to pursue that I hope leads to good things.  Sales.

I mentioned my co-worker who had become so ill.  I was able to give her quilt to her yesterday.  This is it.  Hearts for Linda.  She loves it and I’m so glad.  There is no better feeling than to give someone something I’ve made that is so happily received.  Warmed my heart and put a smile on her face.  Some in my department helped me by contributing to the backing and such.  We tried to find the perfect fabric for the back and since Linda loves pink I chose this.  I quilted hearts onto the back so she took home a whole lotta love from all of us.  She looks wonderful but is very tired.  She sees her doctor tomorrow and it is my prayer that she continues to do well.

Since I last wrote Aidan turned 11 and Addy had her last soccer game.    Addy has gotten her kicks down to a science.  I’ve enjoyed watching her season and her learning the game.  Aidan is my best boy.  Something I’ve called him since he was born.  He doesn’t seem to mind too much and I try not to say it in public.  Middleschoolitis will be setting in soon.  He is in the 5th grade right now.  Probably won’t be able to say “best boy” out loud for much longer.

Just missing the twins on here today.  And I AM missing the twins.  It’s hard being so far away from them that I can’t SEE them on a regular basis.  So….if I sell more bags I can purchase another ticket to go for a visit.

I’m walking in the Against Abuse fundraiser this weekend.  Such a great cause.  Our Against Abuse House in my community is in the process of being built.  The weather is so beautiful I think a bike ride may be in order on Sunday.    Until next time…

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