My Last Bragging Rite

I just had my teeth cleaned and checked yesterday and I can honestly say I have no cavities.  In fact, I’ve NEVER had a cavity!!  This is the last physical thing I can claim with perfection.  It has to be from really good genes as it can’t be that I never eat anything bad for my teeth.  I remember my dad teaching me how to brush my teeth like he was taught in the Navy.  I’m not sure if that helped me or not but it was a teaching moment from my dad that I still recall.  So…I can claim this bragging rite at least for the next 6 months.  My dentist is adhereing to my rule that he must never find a cavitiy and so far so good.

Dare I say it was almost chilly this am and a sweater might have felt good.  The worst of the heat is finally gone for a few months.  This summer was such an endurance test once the monsoon hit.  It brings with it so much humidity that it is almost unbearable.  But…I have survived my 11th summer here in AZ.

It’s been a fairly busy week into this weekend.  We watched Mya play softball.  She has her Dad’s and uncle Joel’s natural ability.   It’s really fun to watch her learn the fundamentals of the game and boy she can hit!   Aidan will be 11 tomorrow.  We attended his birthday party last weekend with 20 of his closest friends and a couple cousins.  I actually had a really good time watching 5th graders.  All of our birthday parties for so long have been for tiny kids.  These guys all looked so old!  They had a really good time.

Addisyn lost her first tooth last Saturday.  I thought is was already gone.  She was very excited and showing everyone at her soccer game what happened.  I keep forgetting to ask her what the tooth fairy put in her envelope.    Our Halle turned four on Sept 27th.  She is in a catagory all her own.  Only Halle can show up at Aidan’s birthday party in her night gown and get away with it.

  I have great pictures of Halle and Aidan but my lack of expertise in getting pictures on here is in full swing this morning.  I will try to get those on here at some point.

I’m still working on the quilt for my co-worker.  It is coming along very nicely and I will share that photo upon completion.

A box of my handbags arrived at Loopy’s in Missoula MT this week.  I’m anxious to see how they do.  I hope very well.

Ramblings are coming to an end here.  Have a great weekend.

Until next time…

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