The Awesome Dolphin Cats

When 2nd grade girls get together to decide on a team name for their softball team there has to be many ideas shared.  How my granddaughter, Mya, and her teammates came up with The Awesome Dolphin Cats is beyond me and I love it!  These are their souvenir t-shirts but they wear the t-shirts provided […]

Where is Superman? Or Batman? or Mighty Mouse? Anyone?

  What in the world is going on lately?  My senses have been so assaulted by the headlines the past couple weeks.  Two young girls have been ripped from their families and just tossed away like some kind of trash.  Another young woman was abducted and killed and today I read that a 20 yr […]

Mindless Muddlings

Very random thoughts going through my head this morning. On a high note we were able to watch Mya play softball last night.  The weather is so beautiful in the evenings and mornings right now.   My husband fixed a picnic dinner and we ate in the park, enjoying the weather.  Halle, who says she is […]

My Last Bragging Rite

I just had my teeth cleaned and checked yesterday and I can honestly say I have no cavities.  In fact, I’ve NEVER had a cavity!!  This is the last physical thing I can claim with perfection.  It has to be from really good genes as it can’t be that I never eat anything bad for […]