Can a Passion Be a Gift?

 When something you love takes up so much of your time is that a good thing?  I was pondering this a long time ago while in a therapy session.I was sharing how guilty I sometimes felt that I was spending all my free time quilting.  I’d do it 24/7 if it paid my health insurance.  I’ve said that many times.  My therapist was very insightful, I felt.  She asked me what if my passion was God’s gift to me?  People have all sorts of talents that they use for various services for others.  I don’t consider myself especially talented but I do love to quilt and I love to give quilts as gifts so why couldn’t it be my gift from God?  My therapist helped me to realize that I was doing a good thing.  I’m helping those who I give my quilts to to be able to wrap themselves in them for comfort and warmth.  I especially love gifts that are practical but still special.

This makes me think of the Little Drummer Boy Christmas song.    Druming was all he had to offer but it was a good enough gift for Baby Jesus.

What really brought this to mind was my friend I mentioned a few posts back that has stage 4 lung cancer.  I just read an email of how she’s doing and how all the gifts she’s been receiving have helped her be more comfortable.  I was feeling especially guilty as I haven’t had the resources to give for her cause.  Then it dawned on me.  I can make her a quilt.  I have enough fabric, (stash), to open my own store so there is bound to be something there that would be appropriate for her.  I know her favorite color and I know what pattern I’ll use.  It doesn’t have to be huge, just large enough to wrap up in and be comforted.

My community quilt guild, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts, just finished our charity quilts drive.  Last night at our meeting we had 77+ quilts that we’ve made to be ready for emergencies.  I can only claim two of all those quilts this year.  With all the bags I’ve been making I’ve been left with little time for charity work.  Many of these quilts are ready for the Against Abuse House that is being built in our community.  Our guild is adopting a room in that house to put quilts in for those who need to be there.  This too is a very rewarding endevor. 

So, I think that passions can be gifts and can be used for so many good causes.  When we think we have nothing to offer we need to stop and think of what it is we love to do the most and perhaps that is the one thing someone else could be lifted up with.  I’ll be home tonight going through that stash and starting her gift.

Until next time…

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