Take Two Asprin and Call Me in the Morning

View detailsThis is what I’ve been doing most of this week.  I’ve been home much of the week just trying to get some rest but I can’t sleep.  To sleep, perchance to dream?  Sleep eludes me.

So not wanting to be a waster of time here are some things that I did.

I finished this ruffle bag.  It just needs buttons.  I love to cover buttons so off to Joannes later today to purchase some.  I’ve run out.

I also finished this for someone special.

So while I’m not sleep I am not wasting any time.  I mentioned in a past blog that I have a hand-held loom to make dish cloths on.  Well, here it is:   This is so fun for me.  You weave the yard over the pegs with a nut pick.  I kid you not.  My step father made this for me.  I use 100% cotton yarn like “Peaches and Creme” or Sugar and Spice.  Both easy to find.  My supply of this cloths is in dire need of replacement so I’ve been busy with these as well.  A great watching TV pasttime.

We are two today!

These two cuties are two years old today.  I’m not able to attend their birthday party but am there with them in spirit.  I spent such a fun week with them in July.  These are our two youngest grandchildren.  So, instead we will attend Addy’s soccer game.   Let’s hope her team knows which way to aim the ball.  And I also hope that it isn’t too warm.  103 predicted for tomorrow.  Water and shade is all I need

There is that 2nd charity quilt I’ve yet to open and work on yet and probably a few more handbags to start.

Addy’s soccer team

Here’s to a great weekend for all and sweet dreams.

Until next time.

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