How Busy Were You?

 Here’s part of what I accomplished over the weekend.  Another “Gadget Girl” handbag by, 2 small wallets and a make up bag.  All this fabric has been saved from  the landfill and used for something good.  But, this one isn’t going on Pardon My Bag as I made an error in the lining pocket and I can’t sell it marred.  Oh darn.  I didn’t do this on purpose but I do really like it.  I will be using this one.  I like wearing some designs as they are great conversation pieces and even better advertising.  Sometimes I wish I had more fabric than just for one bag but I am limited by the size of the samples but not by my imagination.

I also made a ruffle bag like Claire on the website.  It is not quite done but really coming along.  This one is going to Montana to the Loopy Yarn shop when completed.  I really like this one too and I do have enough to make another.  I’ll see how it is received and decide upon its reception.  If its positive I will definately make a similar one.  I hate to make an exact copy as I love to do one of a kind.

The quilt top I’ve been working on is almost quilted.  About one third of it yet to go.  And I got that dreaded bathroom chore done.  It looks and feels so much better.  It doesn’t ever take long.  It’s just the stopping what I love to do something I’m less fond of.  Not a bad weekend.

We took in Addy’s soccer game.  She didn’t score a goal this week but one of her teammates scored twice.  Once for their team and once for the opponent’s.  He just didn’t understand that he was going the wrong way and so thrilled with himself when he made it I don’t think anyone had the heart to tell him what he did.  These are again these are just four and five year olds.  I think we can give them so wiggle room.  Besides the other team returned the favor and gave us a goal.

Addy has lost her first tooth.  She has had her tooth fairy envelope for some time now waiting for this big event.  This envelope isn’t hers but it represents what they look like.  They are so much fun.  Two of my older grandchildren have them and can’t wait to put that lost tooth in there for the tooth fairy.  These evelopes are about 6×6 ” and are flat so they slide right under the pillow.  The envelope is large enough for most any donation the tooth fairy wants to leave.   Check out to see what’s for sale.  There are several to choose from.

Tooth fairy envelope

I managed to make it through the eye doctor visit on Friday.  Had to wait almost two hours to finally see the doctor once all the tests were done.  I hate to wait but since it was good news in the end and only once a year I think I can manage.  A doctor visit this friday and the dentist next month.  I will leave my tooth fairy envelope at home for that visit.  I’ve never had a cavity.  About the last of my bragging rites.  Let’s hope this streak continues.

I’m sure there is something constructive I need to be doing so I will get right on that.

Until next time

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