Duh! I Solved the Mystery

  This is Blueberry and Blueberry is going to a new home along with five other handbags.  Contemplating what Jessica Fletcher might do to help get my handbags moving I decided to make some calls.  I’m so glad I did as I had two positive conversatons and left one message to call me back.  Blueberry and friends will be going to Loopy’s Knit/Crochet shop in Missoula Montana. http://loopyknitcrochet.com .  They want to display my furlough bags and think they may sell.  I’m also going to send her a red Urban bag which isn’t complete yet and a bag similar to Claire.  That is the design that caught the store manager’s attention when I was visiting and what opened up the conversation about Pardon My Bag and what I do.  So…I have work cut out for me over the weekend.  I hope her positiviness is contagious and my bags will capture the attention of many.

It took Friday long enough to get here.  It was my week to drive carpool and that always makes me extra tired by the time Friday gets here.  My too-do list is long for the weekend.  I have a quilt to finish, another charity quilt to start, two bags to make, clean the bathroom.  Yeah, that’s something that just won’t go away.  It is screaming at me lately when I walk in there.  This too shall get done.  Addy has another soccer game on Saturday.  I wonder how much money some parent is going to bribe their child with to make goals.  High fives and good job is still what we offer on our side.

The humidity seems to be subsiding just a bit.  I actually walked from my car this morning not needing a towel to dry off.  I’ll take it as it comes.  The monsoon is officially over the end of September.  Truly can’t wait.

I will be visiting my eye dr. this afternoon.  Did I mention my Fridays are always a half day?  Yes, this is the afternoon that all my errands, appointments, and such are taken care of.  I live in a fairly rural area so it’s hard to just run to the store if I need something.  Anyway,  I hope I walk out of Dr. Kian’s office with a clean bill of eye health for another year.  I use my eyes so much with all the sewing I do.  I want them to stay healthy.

Pretty boring post today.  I wish all a great weekend, productive or not.

Until next time…

Close-up of an eye doctor wearing glasses

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