I want to be Jessica Fletcher’s Neighbor

Product DetailsThe ideal life I imagine would be living in Cabot Cove as Jessica Fletcher’s next door neighbor or even better, housemate.  We would ride bikes together and I would quilt as she wrote her mysteries.  We have so much in commom we would have to be friends.  She loves chocolate, so do I.  The darker the better.  She feels that friends are important.  As do I.  The more the better.  We would wile away the afternoons, me at the sewing machine and her at her typewriter.

Quilts can also be mysteries.  Debbie Caffrey is a great designer of mystery quilts.  You never know what the quilt will look like until it is finished.  I’ve taken several of her classes and have loved each quilt I’ve done.   You can find Debbie at  http://debbiescreativemoments.com     Whistlepig Creek is another wonderful designer of quilts and handbags.  http://www.wpcreek.com.

It’s no secret that I love to quilt.  I’ve recently discovered that I love to make handbags thus Pardon My Bag was born.   http://www.pardonmybag.com   THe mystery I’m trying to solve is how to  sell these bags.  We will soon be out of closet space if they don’t start moving to other people’s homes soon.  The businesses I contacted in Montana were so open to what I make so now I’m hoping to hear from some, if not all, of them soon.  Loopy Knit/Crochet yarn shop, http://www.loopyknitcrochet.com has peaked my interest in crocheting again.  The Upcycled store, http://upcycledonline.com was inspiring me to want to recycle more.  The Green Light and Whippersnappers are also two businesses I would love to work with.

How would Jessica solve this mystery?

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