Has It Been 11 Years?

Most everyone has their 9-11 story.  Ours is pretty boring.  We had moved here in March of 2001.  I had started a new job in property management.  Something entirely new to me but I was excited to learn something new.  Our first grandchild was due the end of September.  We loved being here and everything that Phoenix had to offer.  As you can imagine the apartment industry took a nosedive after 9-11 and I was finding myself being very uncertain of my job.  People were being let go one by one and I felt my number was coming up.  Having never been fired from a job I started scrambling sending out resumes’ everywhere I could think of.

I’ve been at my current job now for 10 years and it’s the best place I could have landed.  Since I have to work I can’t think of a better place I’d rather be.

The stars and stripes quilt featured here I made just wanting to make a red/white/& blue quilt.  Once I got it done I was wondering what I was going to do with it.  Usually something or someone inspires me to make a quilt.  This time I was inspired to make the quilt and then found its perfect home.  It is now living in my very good friends home.  Their son was injured in Afganistan.  Having gone through many challenges and trials I can happily say their son is now married and he and his wife are expecting their first child.  There is no other place I’d want this quilt to be.  They are thrilled to have it as a testiment to what they have gone through and more than survived from.  I also think of them when I look at the field of flags displayed here, one for every 9-11 victim.  Today it is raining and the day has taken on a more somber feel than usual.  Even with the flags dripping wet the sight is breath-taking.

No quips today.  I’m grateful I can express myself through my creative works and also grateful to be able to make gifts that have meaning far beyond anything  words can express.

God Bless Us Everyone…

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