Not Just the Bag Lady

ImageTHis quilt is on its way to a new baby.  I’ve know the mom since she was four.  I really enjoyed making this for her daughter.  My son helped me pick out this fabric at Stash Quilts in Seattle.  I think we did a pretty good job.  THis is one project I finished over the weekend.  Another was a charity quilt, one of the two I’ve committed to do for my guild.  And I did make another bag, Urban Al Fresco, that can be seen on Pardon My Bag very soon.  Bright yellow.  You can’t miss it…

I experimented with faux leather fabric swatches and made some little 4×5 inch wallets to match each of the Urban Bags.  They are really fun and easy. 

We went to our granddaughter’s soccer game on Sat.  She scored the only goal for her team.  THey tried really hard.  THese are just 4 & 5 year olds.  THey follow that ball around like magnets.  I’ve always felt that winning or losing shouldn’t matter at this age but a dad on the other team kept shouting out that his son was getting $25 for each goal he made.  Uh?  Is he setting up his college fund this way?  When Addy made her goal we let her know she will not be getting $25.  High 5’s and good job seemed sufficient, thank goodness!

My husband and I actually went dancing on Friday night.  A first in a long time since neither of us can remember that last time we did that.   THe band was lame but they played songs from the 60’s and 70’s and we had a really good time.  I took the candle out of the glass vase, a battery operated one, and held it up to Hey Jude.  Everyone had their hands up so I thought I’d make it real.

It’s Monday, it’s still humid, and I’m still out there walking with a towel.  I’m so tired of sweating.  My clothes take such a beating during the summers.

This week’s goal is to finish another quilt.  The top is done and the backing just arrived this morning.

Until next time…

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