Sighing to clear my heart

There was a quote on a calendar I use to have that said we cough to clear our throats and we sigh to clear our hearts.  I’m sighing today.  We had some grave news yesterday that one of my co-workers has stage 4 lung cancer.  This is quite a shock to all of us.  Helpless is another feeling as there is nothing we can do to help.  Just pray, which is a lot, but doesn’t always feel like it’s enough.

The last time I spoke with this person was when I took my Green Craft Magazine publication to show her.  She was thrilled that my work was published.  I left her office with such a good feeling never realizing that soon after our conversation she would be out from work, now for more than a month.

It’s Friday again, finally.  A short week always seems so much longer.  I guess we always pay for being gone.  It’s also payday and I’m off to Joann’s this afternoon with a long list of “stuff” I need.  I have lots to do this weekend and hope to finish a couple more bags and another quilt.  I’m waiting for the backing I ordered to arrive, hopefully today, so I can get this one finished.  We’ve had rain the last couple days so that helps eliminate a lot of yard work.  I’d rather have God provide the rain for my plants especially since I paid the water bill this morning.  Yikes!  And there’s all that humidity.  I’m very grateful the monsoon is only temporary but will it EVER end?  I just sweat all the way to work, out for my lunch time walk and all the way back to the car at night.  I never see anyone else literally walking around with a towel as I do.  I’m always just wringing wet.  I want to know their secret.

I’ll have more pictures posted on the ACTION button on my site next week.  Someone who bought four bags from me is willing to pose with them.  Gotta love good friends.

Until next time….Sigh

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