Thank you Whistlepig Creek!

Some of my favorite patterns and ideas have come from the Whistelpig Creek Company.  They were the first company to give me their blessing to post my work from their patterns on my website.  They have been supportive and encouraging and promoting of what I do and I can’t thank them enough.  This latest “Urban Bag” in reds and blacks comes from their Gadget Girl pattern.  With the drapery remnants I aquire from yet another supportive company, Abbeys Windows and More, I have been able to design handbags that are unique, colorful and one of a kind.

Since I started this Pardon My Bag journey I have come in contact with such positve and supportive people I didn’t realize existed.  I’ve sewn for years but until recently I haven’t taken the time to credit someone with the inspiration they have given me.  I’m inspired beyond measure with all the Whistlepig Creek patterns, the drapery and upholstery yardage and of course Anita Rosemann’s rag bag purse.  The Furlough Bags wouldn’t have happened without her.

Now I am, as patiently as I can be, waiting on this website to take off.  “Be careful what you ask for” is a quote I don’t take lightly.  I want this to be so successful and along with that must come the stress of making bags to perfection so people will want to have them.  As I get up each morning to go to work I sigh with the thought of how nice it would be to be able to stay home and create til my hearts content.  I’m praying that isn’t just a fantasy but something that will come to pass.  I believe having my work published is a first step and I couldn’t be prouder of that accomplishment.

Thank you Whistlepig Creek for all your kind words, encouragement and promotion of my work.  I think you are awesome!

And of course where would my site be at all if not for Shiela Naegele and all her hard work getting it all together :):).

Debra’s Bags and More!

Debra has done it again! This time she made up the Gadget Girl Tote! Using the drapery remnants gives this bag a sophisticated look! “Tried out your ‘Gadget Girl’ Pattern with my drapery remnants. It went together so well. I love my new ‘Urbanesk bag!’ Thanks!” – Debra In addition to bags and few quilts, she also had Tooth Fairy envelopes for sale on her website! What a cute idea! She made one up in Sue’s older line ‘Monsters In the Closet!’

Isn’t it just adorable! Thanks for sharing these with us Debra! Keep up the amazing and beautiful work! Debra’s website is Click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE to see what else Debra has made! If you would like to be featured on this blog, EMAIL MEyour Whistlepig projects!

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