Up at 2:30am

It’s pretty quiet in my house at 2:30am.  I woke up and could not get back to sleep.  My brain was churning all kinds of thoughts, details, chores, lists…So I got up.  One can get a lot done during the night.  I accomplished excercising, a facial, and almost completed another Urban bag like the one featured here.  One of the sample books I got from Paula Abbey had these fabulous large prints in deep, dark colors and some very subtle, soft shades.  I pulled the book apart a few weeks ago and the pages went to the bottom of my “current projects” bin.    I had a new pattern from Whistlepig Creek I wanted to try so I started digging in that bin.  I dug all the way to the bottom and found these cotton samples.  They are the perfect size for this pattern.  The front and back, actually all the parts of this bag are different but the same color pallet.  I had more fun sorting and it took me forever to decide which one to do first.  Urban Sophistication is what I decided upon.  This morning at about 3:00 I was working on the same style but in rich reds and blacks with splashes of creams, pinks and oranges.  It is almost done but at 5am I had to actually think about getting ready for work.  I should be able to post its picture tomorrow for all to see.

My four days off were very productive.  I completed a baby quilt and another quilt top for charity.  Our front and back yards now look a bit more presentable.  They had been severely ignored.  We discovered a leaking drip line.  Our Mexican Red Bird of Paradise was reaping the rewards of this leak.  It is flourishing with all the extra water.    The Mesquite tree is now trimmed up from the bottom on all sides.  I took as much off as I could reach.  We will need to rent a giraffe to take care of the top as it is quite tall.  Anyone know of a Giraffe rental I could contact?

It is very satisfying to see all our hard work look so good.  Now if the rain would just reach our neighborhood.  Not the monsoon winds, just the rain would be welcome.  I am bruised from all my pruning, triming feeding, vacumming up all the debris but I feel we accomplished quite a bit.  My husband and I are a good working in the yard team.  That left yesterday for creating and my brain is in overdrive wanting to get to more projects.  I  think my boss would frown upon my request for four more days off.   I’ll have to settle for waiting for the weekend but in the meantime I hope I’m able to sleep the entire night tonight.    Until next time… Image

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