Short Order Quilter

Here is the casserole carrier I made last night for a friend.  Joan picked out the fabric, with my guidance.  I always hope that when I make something for someone I like what they’ve chosen for me to use.  I love this.  The fat cats couldn’t be cuter and this is going to a woman who loves cats.  Such a fun project to make.  It’s a bit of a diversion from the bags I’ve been doing.  It’s nice to change it up a bit so I don’t get bored mass producing any one project.  This pattern came from All People Quilt website.  A friend of mine made some and of course I had to do the same.

There isn’t much I don’t like to make.   I could probably count on one hand the things I really don’t like to make:   doll clothes; they are too small and detailed and my patience is always tested,  people clothes;  I use to make most everything I wore and sadly it usually looked homemade.  Maybe these are the only two things I won’t do anymore.   I don’t know how to knit but I love to crochet.  I just took that up again recently.  I’ll post my reusable market bag soon.  It’s bright red.  The yarn came from Loopy’s in Missoula MT.  I had no idea before I walked into that store that one could buy yarn like one buys fabric in a quilt store.  A dangerous territory for me as I get all caught in in wanting the best quality with no real resources to purchase such quality.  I’ve always thought one bought yarn at Joann’s or Walmart in a skein for $3.99 or so.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I also discovered the world of weaving which I think I would love as well.  There are so many beautiful items people make with looms and gorgeous yarns.  This is another something I would like to learn if I can ever retire and spend more time learning new things.  I’m sure that is sometime way off in my future at this point.

I am really looking forward to some time off for the Labor Day weekend.  As I mentioned prior our yard needs much attention as does the house.  Not having to make lunches for a few days is a great relief.  That’s a chore that is so monotonous.

Here’s wishing everyone a safe holiday weekend and may you all have some creative time to yourselves if you so choose.

Until next time…Image

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