Where I get inspiration

This is a very small portion of the drapery/upholstry books I have.  These are the newest ones to me.  I am so easily distracted by just glancing through these that the project I’m working on gets buried under all the new ideas going through my head.  Fortunately the left side of my brain kicks in with some reasoning that I need to finish one project before starting another and I then pile the new and exciting samples away for another time.

I was able to complete three, albeit, small quilt tops over the weekend.  They now need to be quilted.  I have the backs for two of them and the third one is on order.  Over this coming three-day weekend I hope to check those off my “to do” list.    As much as I love to create, my house and yard are beginning to communicate with me via dust bunnies and two foot tall weeds.  I can multi-task with the best of them but I spent much of last weekend using my stitch ripper and that used up some valuable time.  So, weeds, then sew.  Dust bunnies, then sew.

I have an order to fill this week which is with really fun fabric.  I look forward to putting that together soon.  Uh oh, just look at the texture of that sample over there…

gotta go…

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