A good problem to have

I met with my drapery supplier yesterday.  Paula Abbey is so generous.  I came home with several sample books and YARDS of remnants.  I am so excited and I don’t know where to start.  I’m displaying my ADD in high def as I go from book to book, bundle to bundle.  Pulling out patterns and trying to decide where to begin.  Firstly,  I really need to clean up my work space.  One can’t walk through the room, it’s rather small, and I have 2 -3 projects going on at once.   It’s a jungle in there.

A trip to Home Depot today may help with my disorganization.  I’m slowly migrating into a second room and I want to be organized.  I hope to find either shelving, bins, something to help out.

The new and improved Pardonmybag will be up next week and I can’t wait.  Shiela has been working so hard on this.  I have all my price lists ready to go to Missoula stores and want the site all up and running when I send them.  I’m now stalking my friends and family who have my bags to take pictures of them to post.  Many are camera-shy.  I hope my power of persuasion is up to snuff.

It’s Friday and my work day is done at noon.  I love Fridays!  Even though I’ve been gone for two weeks from work I could use another two at least to get my bag life in order.  So much fabric and so little time.  My brain won’t shut off with all the ideas that I’m coming up with.

Thanks to all my friends and family who have agreed to have me post their pictures on my site.  I love you all.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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