There’s a change a’comin

Pardon My Bag is undergoing a considerable facelift as I type.  There is no way to thank Shiela enough for all the work she is doing on this.  There will be slides and everything!

I was thrilled to hear back from Loopy’s in Missoula and their interest in my bags.  The encouragment is so welcome.

Once the site is complete I have price lists and pictures to forward to at least three Missoula shop owners and I am truly hoping for a positive response from them.

One store there that intriqued me was Upcycle.  It is completely all about sustainability from belts made from bike tires to their business cards printed on the backs of cerial boxes.  I was really impressed.  Even though I’m made in Montana, my products are not thus I can’t work with this store.  The Montana spirit is there but they are unable to use my items.  They did, however, take my information for their online site that is in the process of being complete.  This will link my sustainability products to those all over the place.  Upcycle was also going to be featured on Rachel Ray’s show.  I hope that worked out well for them.

I had to laugh when I walked out of a movie in Missoula as I placed my empty water bottle in what I thought was a recycle container.  It turns out it was a box for 3-D glasses.  Ooops!  It was blue for crying out loud!.  Why is it Missoula has all these wonderful recycling businesses but does not recycle as a town?  Very curious.  I hope my bottle didn’t upset anyone.  Just a habit for me.  We will have to get them to work on recycling containers.

I am off to meet with Paula, my drapery remnants lady.  She is so generous with all her leftovers.  I provide her with free advertising as she provides me with materials to make my bags.  It’s a win-win.  Abbeys Draperies and More in Tempe, AZ.  Be sure to check her out.

That is all my rambling for now.

Have a great day all.  I will update you with Pardon My Bag progress as soon as it is available.


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