I’ve been published!

It’s been a bit surreal seeing the Green Craft Magazine at Barnes and Noble and know that my article is in there.  My sister and I had a great time doing a “photo shoot” at the Missoula store rearranging the store’s display and taking lots of pictures.  It is my hope that this will open many new doors of opportunity for me and my “Furlough Bags”.  Who knew that having to take furlough days would lead to a publication in a national magazine.

I just returned from perhaps the nicest vacation I’ve had in awhile.  Seattle never disappoints me and having some real quality time with my son was very special to me.   The twins are so entertaining.  They never cease to amaze me in how they are growing and how busy almost two year olds can be.   I managed to keep up with them the two days I watched them on my own and I now know the movie Rio by heart.

My next stop was Missoula Montana and time with my two sisters.  They provided the opportunity to go  into several store fronts in town and many shop owners were very receptive to my published article and my bags.  Pardon My Bag is undergoing some renovations as the shop owners offered some very helpful advice on how the site looks and what might make it appear more reader friendly.  I took many suggestions to heart and with the help of my ever so talented daughter-in-law, the site should be relaunched by next week.   I am hoping that my visits to these stores will become some business transactions in the near future.  Thank you  Green Light, Whippersnappers, and Loopys for all your encouragement.  I’ll be in touch soon.

I think the most important philosophy I came away with is that I have to start taking myself and my work more seriously.  That has always been hard for me but I want to be successful at this and I want others to take me seriously.  I love aquiring the remnants for these bags and putting them together.  So with that I can say, “I am a published artist and I am ready and open for business”.

I’ll let you know as soon as Pardon My Bag is ready with it’s face-lift.  In the mean-time you can still see the sight and some of the bags that are for sale.

That’s all for now,

Pardon My Bag

2 thoughts on “I’ve been published!

  1. Hi Debra,
    I would love to get the pattern or tutorial to make your furlough bags. Can you tell me where to find it? I just love it. Joyce

    • Hi Joyce, I’m so glad you love my furlough bag. Due to copyright laws I’m unable to give you the pattern but you can find it on Nifty’s Notion Rag Bag Fat Quarter bag. I also sell them on Pardon My Bag. I hope you are able to take a look at the other ones I’ve done and share my site with all you know.

      Thank you again for contacting me.


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